About Me

Growing up in Washington, I spent half of my childhood on our farm riding horses, petting the cows and feeding the chickens (and sometimes getting chased by the roosters). The other half was spent at our cabin roaming the hills on motorbike, swimming in the lake surrounded by Evergreen trees, and hiking the forest at night looking for Big Foot, yes we really did that. (we never did see him but we were certain that we heard him) These experiences developed my love of nature, texture and colors.

My grandmother, mother and father were all creative in one respect or another. My grandmother made ceramics, knitted, hand-painted towels and did numerous crafting projects that it would fill this page. My mother followed in making ceramic dolls with the most exquisite outfits, crocheting and jaw-dropping doll houses and my father who build our amazing home also made beer, wine, fresh food creations and wooden rocking horses.. Funny, they never taught me any of their crafts but what I picked up was the artsy side of life and never having my fingers rest.


I moved to California before I was 20 to be the next big fashion designer, so I thought! I was learning bead designing and got an internship with Bob Mackie, who then cancelled because he was to busy working on the Academy Awards. I soon got married and had 3 spectacular children all while my creative side was busting to break out and that’s when I became interested in designing jewelry. I spent many days at the LA Jewelry district and got to know the vendors while learning about the many gemstones.

I was obsessed! I wanted every color, every size, and every texture!

I started making bracelets for myself, family and friends but what I secretly wanted to design was belly chains, wristlets and playful anklets - they felt sultry and alluring. Here I am, a handful of years later doing exactly what I have dreamt.

I hope that you enjoy my pieces as much as I have in designing them.

~ Monique