How can I contact the designer?

You can reach me at hello@moniquecassis.com or call 818.480.2845 M-F 8am-5pm PST

How can I purchase an item that is sold or in the gallery?

All my pieces are one of a kind, I suggest if you see it you should buy it. If you see something you like that has sold or in the Gallery please reach out to me and I can see if I have the materials to make you another or similar.

Do you do special orders?

Yes, we do custom orders without an additional fee. We ask for a 25% deposit and the balance to be paid when we are ready to ship. Please email or call us to discuss design.

When will my item ship?

We ship Monday – Friday and typically within 24hrs of purchase. Most pieces are shipped first class. If you have a special order it will ship within 5 business days or sooner, unless we have discussed another timeline.

How much is shipping and can I track my package?

We offer FREE shipping for all orders over $100 in the US. Items under $100 are a flat rate of $5.00 in the US. Canada is $14 for First Class and $38 for Priority.
All other International Shipping is $38, which is Priority and has partial to full tracking.
We ship via USPS.
You will be sent your tracking info via email.
Please note we do not pay your international customs duties.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 30 Day Warranty from date of shipping. International is 40 days. The warranty covers repairs due to defects in workmanship and/or materials. It does not cover jewelry that is damaged due to excessive wear or abuse. For example a smashed or bent bracelet that was obviously worn in an excessive or abusive way.
It does not cover theft, loss or accidental chemical exposure. Return shipping is not covered for International purchases.

What if my piece breaks?

If your piece breaks please reach out to us at hello@moniquecassis.com and provide an image so that we can see our next steps for repairing. If it is within the 30 Day Warranty and not shown to be abused or worn excessively then we will repair free of charge and free return US shipping. If it is past the 30 Day Warranty then the fee is $8.00 plus return shipping (approx. $4.00) for basic adjustments. If you require major adjustments we will discuss options prior.

What if my piece does not fit?

All measurements are given for each piece, please try to make sure you verify before purchase. However, we understand that mistakes can happen and if you need an adjustment please email us at hello@moniquecassis.com to make arrangements to have item returned for adjustments. The fee is $8 plus return shipping (approx. $4.00) for basic adjustments. If you require major adjustments such as adding on more dangles or a longer length we will discuss options prior.

There is an item I like but the size won't fit, can it be adjusted?

Most likely yes! Most items will not require a fee to have adjusted however, there are a few pieces that require more time to adjust like triple chain bracelets and a small fee would be required. Please email us at hello@moniquecassis.com

What materials are used in your jewelry?

We use semi-precious gemstones, genuine gemstones, freshwater and saltwater pearls, and Swarovski crystals. Sterling Silver is our ONLY metal used. No copper, brass or stainless.

How do I care for my jewelry?

Our sterling silver can last a lifetime if cared for and it’s really quite easy.

Would you believe that wearing sterling silver slows tarnish build-up? Tarnish, however is a trait for genuine silver and is also a natural occurrence so don’t fret when you see it.
If you notice tarnish the first step is to take non-toxic liquid soap (like Seventh Generation) and water, lather up and wash your silver. Then gently dry with a soft cloth dry, let sit to fully air dry and place in an air tight container. Oxygen can also tarnish silver.

If you feel like your jewelry is not clean enough you may use a jewelry polishing cloth. Make sure you do not pull on the silver chains as they can break. Don’t be surprised if your polishing cloth looks very dirty afterwards. Use a new cloth once the current cloth has no clean areas. I don’t recommend chemical cleanser.

On a personal note, I do use toothpaste and a toothbrush on my personal jewelry and have so over the years without seeing a degrade in my gemstones and silver. I have not used on pearls.
Avoid using harsh cleanser on gemstones and pearls. Sterling silver is a soft material and can scratch, bend and sometimes even break and should be treated with care.


How can I determine my size?

ANKLETS – Measure your ankle at its smallest area and add approx. 1.5” – 2.5” (if you want it to sit up higher on your ankle then add approx. 1.25”) I wear two ankle bracelets, one is 1.5” extra and the other is 2.5” extra.

BACKDROP – Backdrops are made to slip over your head and will hang down the back. The drop plus the chain will add to the length. With that in mind don’t measure a 10” drop starting at your neck as the regular chain will start the drop lower.

BELLY CHAIN – Measure where you want the chain to sit on your body (waist, waist one side, dropped on the other, Hips, below hips) if you want it snug to your waist

BRACELET – Measure your wrist over your wrist bone and add approx. 1.5” – 2”.

NECKLACE – Measure where you want the chain to sit and use that measurement. You can add 1/4” for safety. Keep in mind that most chains have an extension.